Preparing a Guest Bathroom

bathroom designMany people have a bathroom that they intend to use for when they have guests over. But these people do not have a lot in mind beyond that. When planning out a guest bathroom remodeling scottdale, there are different needs and requirements than a family bathroom would have. Being aware of these things will make preparing the bathroom much easier.

Think carefully about what materials you will be using in the guest bathroom. These rooms should be as user friendly as possible. This is not the room to experiment in. If there is something that you like that should not be exposed to a lot of water (certain floors should not have water sitting on them for extended periods of time), do not use them in this bathroom. Save them for your own bathroom. Taking this step will go a long way to making your guests much more comfortable when using a bathroom that is not their own.

Take extra time to think through your design decisions very carefully. Remember, this is not the bathroom that you plan on using. Do not use bright colors in the guest bathroom. Neutral or light colors are the better choice for this particular room. Beyond the colors of the room, you should also consider what accessories you will want to add to this room. These do not need to be extravagant but they should still be present. By adding a few additional accessories throughout the room, you will be giving this bathroom a lived in appearance that will go a long way to making people much more comfortable within your home.

bathroom designThink about what you would like to see in a bathroom that you were using at a friend’s home. Having something special in this room like a bold mirror will make the room much more attractive to those that are coming into your home. Likewise, there are things that should be avoided. One such thing is having too much stuff in a small space. If the room is too cluttered, people may actually try to avoid using the room. No one wants to feel crowded or claustrophobic when using the bathroom and this is something that can easily happen within in a guest bathroom.

Always remember that you want this guest bathroom to be welcoming without being overwhelming. This is not the bathroom that you will be using on a daily basis. It should be practical but still have all of the basics that would be expected within a bathroom anywhere else. By taking the time to address all of these details for your guest bathroom, you are going to have a room that other people could only dream of having in their own homes.